3DWOX is designed with an enclosed structure to maintain consistent temperature for better quality prints. 3DWOX is also designed with user safety in mind. All of the moving parts are inside the enclosed structure for safe operation. The enclosure also reduces noise for a quiet, safe and optimized print experience.


Auto Loading Filament / Unloading Filament

With 3Dwox we keep it simple, just insert the cartridge and you’re done. All is done by 3Dwox. Let 3Dwox do it for you, it’s effortless.

Web Monitoring

Integrated with a camera and LED lights, this will insure that you are always in watch of the 3D making. With the many connectivity options, the camera is remotely accessible with any connecting device.

Assisted Bed Leveling

When it comes to 3D printing, bed leveling is one of the key aspects. With 3Dwox, the printer will help you find the right level. The only thing you have to do is turn. Let 3Dwox guide you.

Wide Selection of Connectivity Options

3DWOX incorporates several options to connect, making printing as easy as possible. Connect directly to a PC using the included USB cable or through your home network using Ethernet or Wi-Fi, to make 3DWOX accessible to all your home computers. If you have a friend who wants to print a file, they can bring it with them on a USB Flash Drive and print using the easy access front USB port. Your entire family can be connected with options you already know and use all the time, so don’t worry about how to connect, spend less time worrying and enjoy printing more of the things you like.

5” Touch Panel with intuitive GUI

3DWOX is equipped with a 5 inch color touch screen panel programmed with an intuitive user interface, swipe scroll and tap your way through to control your printer. The friendly user guides ensure you will not get lost. Another one of the special features is the print preview showing an image of the file being printed as well as a progress monitor during the print. 3DWOX touch screen navigation, simple, convenient, effortless.